Thursday, 11 October 2018

Feedback on Dress Distribution #113 - Siem Reap Cambodia

This picture was taken at the Home of Joy Orphanage of the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa Sisters) in Siem Reap Cambodia when my friends and I delivered a parcel of 25 handmade dresses for the children in their orphanage. In the picture is the head of the orphanage and a lay missionary(far left) working in Phnom Penh and was visiting Siem Reap at the time we visited to attend a retreat. Due to a very tight schedule (the orphanage was actually closed when we went) the sisters will make the actual distribution of the dresses on my behalf.
As a donation to the orphanage and the parish church which was about 4 blocks away from the orphanage, I bought this wooden replica of the Virgin Mary wearing a Khmer attire and was blessed by the parish priest. 
I was told that Cambodians are well gifted in the art of wood crafts. The parish church provides a place for these local artisans to showcase their talents while at the same time earn an honest income from the works of their hands. The parish church was not your typical catholic church you see/observed everywhere around the world. They had no church pews as everyone attending a mass sat on the floor. They have merged their local culture to the way they practice the catholic religion. The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was dressed in a traditional Khmer attire and their tabernacle in the altar was shaped like a traditional Khmer house. I was glad I made the time to visit the orphanage and the church.
One day when you get the chance to visit Siem Reap, you should visit their church and the orphanage. The places are easy to find as they are located about 5mins walk from the Angkor National Museum.

And sharing with you a perfect picture of sunrise at Angkor Wat. This was about 6am in the morning. What a beauty and certainly not to be missed when you visit Siem Reap Cambodia.

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