Sunday, 27 April 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#40 to #42 - From Angela, Leonie, Julie and Bev

The month  is about to end and it is time to acknowledge all dresses received for the month of April. I hope to finish them all today so I can start my distribution tasks. Am continuing on with doing acknowledgements in batches so here is the first one today but actually the second batch for the month of April -

1) Donation #40 is a parcel of 11 dresses from Angela Collins -
2) Donation #41 from Leonie Turnbull for 4 dresses -
3) And Donation #42 is the last parcel on this batch of 18 dresses from Julie Nielsen and Bev Stephens who wrote that they both had the pleasure of sewing these dresses and  hope they can make more in the future.
Thank you so much to Allison, Leonie, Julie and Bev. Thank you for believing in this wonderful campaign. It is much appreciated.

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