Sunday, 27 April 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#43 - Silk Scarves from Monika

19 fine silk scarves and 1 handkerchief with matching embroidered fabric envelope are Donation #43 from Monika Osvald. If I can recall correctly I think these items were given to her and she gave them to me to sell to help raise funds for postage. At first I was not sure what the prints were all about especially on the blue ones. It was only after I took pictures of each of them and have downloaded the images to my PC that I realized they were handpaintings of the horoscope symbols - Aries, Virgo, Taurus, Leo, Saggitarius etc. I did not dare iron the silk scarves at the time I took the pictures as I may damaged them but you can still see the painted images. Some are plain very fine silk.
I will be posting this in Dress A Girl's e-shop to sell for probably $5.00 each including postage. If you are not into wearing scarves there are actually other ways of using them. Check out what I did with a silk scarf I had for so many years and never used at all below. I used it as a belt for a pair of my denim shorts I recycled about 2 years ago into a denim bag. Quite a few people wanted to buy the bag but I did not think of selling it. Perhaps you can use it too when you recycle some of your old stuff into new.  Or maybe I can make more of this recycled denim bag and use one of the scarves as a belt and sell the bag with the scarf belt. Imagine the possibilities for a $5.00 silk scarf that will dress a disadvantaged girl.
To Monika, thank you so much for the scarves. Aside from directly selling the item as is, it opens up a lot of creative possibilities that can be sold to help a disadvantaged girl get to own a new dress. All I need is time. Thank you so much.

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