Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I can still remember this dress

This poster was posted in Free to Shine's facebook page that I follow and amazingly after all the thousands of dresses I have packed and sent last year I could still remember this dress. This is one of the t-shirt dresses I made early last year (2013) when I was attempting to do 'one dress a day' campaign and was given to one of the schoolkids being educated by the Free to Shine non-profit organization in Cambodia.
The skirt fabric material was donated by Louise Wright of Tasmania and the t-shirt came from my collection. Every now and then when I see t-shirts on sale I would make a purchase as I know that one day I can put it to good use. Am not only a cotton fabric hoarder but also a t-shirt hoarder (LOL!). Seeing the dress again on this poster made my day.

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