Monday, 28 April 2014

Feedback on Dress Distribution from Manila Phils (c-o Leila Sevilla)

A picture from a dress distribution made in one of the churches in Manila Philippines by a good friend Leila Sevilla last month. Not sure which particular location in Manila. Am waiting for a response from my email but here are 3 pics -
I think distributing is probably quite difficult if you are dealing with the younger kids. Your concentration is divided between handing out dresses and making sure they are the right sizes and whether you are able to take pictures at the same time. This picture was probably taken after everything has been given away. At least she was able to gather at least a few of the kids for a pose. :-)

A wholehearted thank you to Leila for sparing the time to make this distribution on behalf of Dress A Girl Australia. Spike, I know you are a very busy lady but thank you so much.

For larger and individual images, please click here.

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