Wednesday, 23 April 2014

FY14 Charity Drive - Arts & Craft & School Supplies Donation #6 - Diecuts from Carolyn

Love it when it is for the children and more when the outcome benefits the children. A bunch of diecuts from Carolyn Walker who used to work as a Creative Memories Consultant. She wrote me an email asking if they can be of use since I do collect arts and school supplies which I give away to schools in need. These diecuts are in different shapes cut from card stock and are about 4" in size. Stars, trees, birthday cakes, balloons and others.
These diecuts will be in very good hands as it will be donated to the School for Life Foundation in Uganda through Annabelle Chauncy the founding director of the school. The kids could even use it to make special packs of greeting cards which they can sell as a fundraiser for the school. Will be sending these packs next week when I get the chance to pack them up together with a bunch of exercise books.

Thank you to Carolyn for making this donation possible to the School for Life Foundation. Much appreciated.

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