Sunday, 27 April 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#44 to #46 - From Jean, Linda and Make and Learn

Continuing on the task of acknowledging donations interrupted by work commitments are three more donations from Jean Lobb, Linda Smyth and Make and Learn. Without further ado -

1) Donation #44 is a parcel of 11 dresses from Jean Lobb -
2) Donation #45 are 11 dresses from the group of Ladies who attended the Sew for Charity workshop by Make and Learn organized by Natascha Wettmarshausen -
3) Last but not the least is Donation #46 from the ever reliable Linda Smyth of 3 dresses, bundles and a roll of fabrics. In one of our email conversations, I mentioned that I was intending to make dresses for another school community in Uganda. She has been sewing dresses of the same fabric regularly and in one of her shopping moments about 3 weeks ago she found this roll in a shop she frequently goes to for fabric for $5.00. A more than real good value for money. This roll is going to keep me real busy when I come back from my 3-week July trip.
A wholehearted thank you to Linda, Jean and the workshop attendees of the Sew for Charity by Make and Learn and a special thank you to Natasha Wettmarshausen for making the workshop possible. Thank you Ladies. Thank you for the time, money and effort you spent making these dresses. Much appreciated.

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