Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Please feel free to donate dresses anytime.

Recently I have been receiving emails asking if I am still accepting dresses. Am not really sure where the idea came from or who started this rumor that I am no longer accepting dresses and that what I am doing is kind of a one-off thing when all I am blogging about are dresses that I received and dresses that I have sent or sending, feedbacks on dress distributions, number of dresses I have made so far and fabrics that I buy or t-shirts that I hoard including sizes that are most needed.

So once and for all, I would like everyone to know that if you want to donate dresses, please feel free to send them to my postal address anytime. This campaign is not a one-off but an on-going charity work to make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate children around the world. Sometimes there will be days when I am not available (i.e. away on holidays) and there might be delays in the articles I am posting in my blog such as donation acknowledgements but I think that is normal as this is a volunteer work which I do on my spare time and that my daytime job is still a priority from Monday to Friday and that on weekends when personal errands need to be addressed, those errands take priority over the sorting and packing tasks I have to do. I will continue this charity work for as long as I can perhaps even when nobody wants to donate anymore. With the materials that I have I probably would still be able to make hundreds of dresses and please note that even with the amount of fabrics I  own I still am unstoppable when it comes to fabric shopping. 

There are no drop-off locations except for my postal address in Sydney and I have no plans of setting up drop-off locations as I am not able to provide financial assistance on the cost of sending parcels to Sydney. For those who are asking for postal information of individuals, groups or groups of individualswho are asking for dress donations and making their own distributions, unfortunately I cannot be of assistance on this matter as I am not aware nor do I know of the existence of such individuals, groups or groups of individuals. If they do exists, I dont really know them or which location in Australia they are coming from so my advise is to ask those people who have provided you with such information or contact the facebook page administrators.

For all donations, please feel free to send them to Dress A Girl Australia P.O. Box 240 Casula Mall Casula NSW 2170. Thank you.

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  1. seems that people are always giving you a hard time ! I can not understand why when you do such a wonderful job.
    Your organisational skills allow us to do our bit,
    keep up the good work.
    we love you. vanya