Saturday, 26 April 2014

Pretty good example of a girl, a dress and a smile

I know it is 9:30pm but sometimes it is at this time that I can really think of what to say plus I am on work call again tomorrow and may not remember and have the time to write this. Please have a look at this picture so everyone will understand why I kind of go crazy and start reminding everyone again about the kind of materials to use when making dresses to donate.
I am not an expert dressmaker, in fact, dressmaking is the farthest thing in my mind when it comes to crafting although I love sewing. The dress on this picture was given to this beautiful kid about 6 months ago and look at the dress. Even if the color has somewhat faded but it is still a very much wearable dress which the girl enjoys wearing perhaps almost everyday (wash tonight wear tomorrow). I do not believe using thin materials and washed in rugged environments will last the same way this dress has. And imagine how this girl would feel if after washing the dress she founds out that it got torn and damaged and can no longer wear it. These kids do not have the luxury of getting to own and wear new dresses all the time. They would be lucky if they get to own a new one at least once a year and that is why they treasure every minute they get the chance to wear it. 

So PLEASE before you sit down in front of your sewing machine check that you are using the right materials, materials that can withstand rugged environments, materials that would look good on every kid who gets to receive one. Let us keep sewing dresses that will make the kid who gets to wear it have that big smile on their face whenever she gets the chance to wear it.....and until the next time she gets a new one. Thank you!

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