Friday, 11 April 2014

Parcel Feedback from Widows of Africa Kenya (c/o Pastor Joshua)

Whenever I send a parcel, I normally would note that down in my phone calendar and depending on the location and how the parcel(s) was sent, I would create a notification to be sent to myself after a specific period of time (number of weeks past) reminding me or giving me a heads up that perhaps the parcel(s) is about to reach its destination. This notification allows me to get ready to make a follow-up and/or enquiry with the postoffice just in case I dont receive any feedback from the recipient(s) that the parcel has been received. And because some locations takes between 8-12 weeks for parcels to arrive I really need this reminder. :-)

Anyway, just about 10 minutes ago, I received an email from Pastor Joshua of the Widows of Africa in Kenya letting me know that the package has been received.
Whew! Now I dont have to make a follow-up with the postoffice. And see, I am doing my job, making an extra effort of making sure that the parcels reached its destination and that the dresses you donate are about to find owners. I do not relax and make myself comfortable until I am sure that everything is ok and that each one of you have really made a difference to the lives of these kids through the dresses you make and donate.

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