Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Donation Acknowledgement #3/2015 - Donated clothes for Molo Kenya - Batch #2

Here is the second batch of donated dresses and pairs of shorts for boys of the Kijji Mission in Molo, Kenya.
1) Two dresses and two pairs of boys' shorts from Lyn Granger -
2) Two pairs of boys' shorts from Karen Neilsen -
3) I did some sewing last week and made these three dresses from fabrics donated by Lucienne Magnay. As much as possible I want everyone to be given a fair chance to be able to donate dresses even from those who donate just fabrics.
With the above donations, this brings my total for the Kijji Mission of Molo, Kenya as of today to 16 dresses, 20 pairs of girls undies, 4 pairs of boys' shorts, nine girls' tops and 4 boys' tops. 

Thank you so much to the donors of this batch. It is much appreciated.


  1. I follow the work of this mission and I know how much Jennifer will appreciate the items.