Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My forgotten quilt blocks

Am doing a summer cleaning of boxes in my garage and guess what I found. My 'woodstock' quilt blocks. Sometime in 2003 I saw this quilt published in one of the Quilt magazines. As we all know even for those who were not born yet or just learning how to walk or just started school at that time it happened what impact this music festival had in our lives and for generations that came and still to come.
So I started gathering pictures of the event from magazines and in the internet and transferred those that I liked into fabrics to create quilt blocks. I did appliques for the flowers, pants, peace signs, the plants that made everyone who joined the festival high. Anything that I could make by hand I made it and the others such as tickets and the vans I transferred into fabric to make into my own version of a Woodstock quilt. On the same year that I prepared for the quilt I moved house and all my crafting paraphernalias were stored into boxes. And yesterday while looking for things to sell or donate from the boxes I have in my garage(summer cleaning), I found the folder that kept my quilt blocks after almost 11 years in one of the boxes.Too many things happened in the years that passed that I never had the chance to go back into it and even forgot it existed until I saw it again yesterday. Gee, what a forgetful person and can you imagine what my memory would be when I reached seventy. LOL!

Anyway, I took pictures of the quilt blocks and here they are and while am not doing anything for Dress A Girl Australia I am starting to form the blocks into a quilt and I hope to finish it soon. 
Once it is completed I am planning to put it up for auction to raise money for Dress A Girl Australia's campaign to build a well in Kalagi Uganda. Fingers crossed there will be someone out there who would like it and make a purchase. Watch for my woodstock quilt to be posted here hopefully very, very soon.

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