Sunday, 11 January 2015

Request for Donations

Good evening everyone. I know I am on a break from Dress A Girl activities (and saying no is a big problem for me) but there is a lady who would like to bring a few dresses back to Kenya in mid-March. I will be away for about two weeks in February(Feb 9-21) and would probably have less time to collect things when I get back including at least a week to post) so I thought I will post this information and collect as early as possible from those who would like to donate. I am looking for donors who would like to donate any of the following :

Updated as of 12-Jan-2015, 11:00am
(1) 12 long-sleeve t-shirts for girls between the ages of 5 to 12, ---------------------------------
*** The items needed are being updated everytime a donor responds with their donation as this posting has also been posted in my facebook page so everyone is aware as to where I stand with the request for donations. *******
Thank you so much to the donors who responded so quickly and thank you in advance to those who will still be responding. Much appreciated.
*** The reason for the t-shirts for the girls is because the location of the community is located on the equator at 8,000 ft altitude so it gets cold in the mornings and evenings. The girls layer their clothes to keep them warm and the donations I believe are the most practical way of keeping them warm. ******
*** For those who do not sew and would like to donate and make a difference, please let me know if you would like to sponsor a dress for this distribution. I can sew a dress for you. Dress for Sponsorship @$10.00 will help me raise money for the Dress A Girl Australia well to provide clean water and hope to the people of Kalagi Uganda. ****
Allowance on sizes are already provided so please if you would like to donate, send within these sizes.

For those who are donating, could you please respond to this post and let me know which item you would like to donate, size of an item and how many or send me an email at as soon as possible and post the items by the 25th of January? The response to donate and deadline is very important so I will have time to raise these items on my own if I do not get enough donations. Thank you so much.
Postal address is Dress A Girl Australia, P.O. Box 240, Casula Mall, Casula NSW 2170. Any questions, please respond to this post or send an email. Thanks!

Unless you are a donor of this distribution, please do not send me any donations at this time as I am not ready to accept. I am still on a break but I cannot refuse this distribution. Thank you for your understanding.
This is a limited distribution due to weight restrictions so to accommodate as many donors as possible I am restricting the number of dresses, t-shirts and pairs of shorts that can be donated. If you are offended by the restrictions, there is not much I can do. I appreciate everyone's generosity but also need for some to be understanding why I am putting limits on the numbers. Thank you.

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