Monday, 5 January 2015

Update on Dress A Girl Australia Well Campaign

Sharing with you a message I posted today in my fundraising page for the Dress A Girl Australia well the goal of which is to raise money to build a well and provide clean water and hope for the people of Kalagi Uganda.
Slowly getting there and hopefully soon and through much patience and diligence on my part as of today and after thirteen months of selling and spreading the word, I have raised $3,379.25 of the needed amount of $10,500. In addition to the Dress Sponsorship Program, there will be more handmade items for sale to be posted in my online shop soon to help raise money for this very worthwhile cause. If you do not want to donate, you can still help by spreading the word around about this campaign and my on-line shops.

Links to my on-line shops -
Dress A Girl Australia on-line shop - please click here.
Creativity with Buttons - please click here.
Digital Cliparts - please click here.
Handmade Cards for you - please click here.
Creativity with Attitude (Soft Treasures' handmades) - please click here.
Soft Treasures - please click here.

Or if you want to check out items I have currently listed for sale in ebay, please click here. Every now and then I post items to sell for items that I find in my garage which I do not need and most of these items are new, if not all. If you make an enquiry on ebay by seller id, my seller id is 'leisurestuff'. Buyers normally do not know but proceeds from what they purchase I donate directly to Dress A Girl Australia's fundraising campaign for a well.

Or if you want to donate directly to the fundraising page, please click here. You get a tax receipt for your donation. If you prefer to send the donation to me, you can do so by paypal using email address '' or via bank deposit details of which can be found here. Once I have processed your donations, I will forward to you your tax receipts.

Thank you.

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