Thursday, 29 January 2015

More Materials for Sponsorships and accessories

Taking advantage of the back to school sales, proceeds from a few sales I had from my ebay listings including a few fabrics, I bought more items for my Dress Sponsorship program. Funny that I had to sell some of my fabrics from my personal collection in order to afford to buy more fabrics to sew for the dresses in the Sponsorship program. And I now have fabrics enough to make into more or less 50 dresses. If I used my personal fabrics I would have less than 50. Prices for school supplies were at its lowest the last few days I was able to hoard quite a few including t-shirts for boys. 

Here are some of the purchases I made and I hope I get more dress sponsorships soon otherwise these items will just be sleeping in my garage.  feeling hopeful.
Contrary to what other people think, I actually do all the sewing of all dresses and pairs of shorts that are being sponsored. I do not use dresses and pairs of shorts donated by other people to be sponsored nor do I use donated fabric materials. Inspite of my heavy schedule during the day, I still find the time to sew at night and this is how it is going to be and sponsored dresses will have priority in distributions when needed.

Until such time that I can meet the funds needed to build a well, all proceeds for dress sponsorships will be donated directly to Dress A Girl Australia's campaign to build a well. This is the main reason why I am working so hard sewing dresses and boys shorts because I want to provide clean water and give hope to the people of Kalagi Uganda. When the well is built, proceeds from dress sponsorships will be used to help pay for the cost of sending dresses to different locations around the world and probably allocate a certain amount to another project.....that is if I get more sponsorships. feeling thoughtful.

If anyone out there would like to make a difference especially those who do not sew, why not think of sponsoring a dress. You get to help disadvantaged kids own new clothes and at the same time help build a well for clean water and give hope to the people of Kalagi, Uganda. Click here for more details or click on the links below to check what is available to be sponsored and don't forget to spread the word around. Thank you.

For a 6-year old or older - click here.
For boys' clothes - click here.
For a school aged girl including school starter kit - click here
For a dress with sleeves - click here.

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