Thursday, 29 January 2015

More Sponsored Dresses and more available for sponsorships

Ten more kits were added to my collection of Sponsored Dresses this week. Nine for school-aged kids which included school starter kits and one for boys clothes. Here they are and the donors -
1) For eight(8) school-aged girls with a school starter kits from Suzanne Marshall -
2) For a school-aged girl with a school starter kit and a boys clothes from Brian Chesterton -

Also, I found the time to sew four(4) dresses from fabrics donated by Millhouse Collections. At this stage they are on hold until such time that I am able to allocate it to a location for distribution.
And I have added four(4) more boys' clothes between the ages of 3 and 5/6 and a dress with sleeves in my Dress A Girl Australia on-line shop for sponsorships.
To check out on the boys' clothes, please click here and for the dress with sleeves, click here. Please check them out and if what you see convinces you to make a difference, sponsor any one of them. Thank you.

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