Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Featured Products for Sale to raise funds for Dress A Girl Australia Well

If you are looking for high quality handmade items to give as presents or to decorate and make your home warm, here are three donated featured items from my Dress A Girl Australia on-line shop for sale at crazy prices to raise money for the Dress A Girl Australia Well.
1) If you are a candle lover, this screenprinted tealight glass holder cover made of Burlap could be great for your home - sells for $23.25 for a set of 3 holders including postage of $13.25. Just click on the image to access the product -
2) An embroidered singlet for that special little person in your life made of 100% cotton. A real bargain at $10.00 per singlet and postage of a $1.80 -
3) Or if you are the type who wants to feel comfortable sitting in your sofa, why not check-out this set of 2 throw pillows made of silk with hidden zipper and fits any pillow insert size 16. Sells for $20.00 plus postage of $7.20.
Please help make a difference to disadvantaged children around the world, provide them with clean water so they may have hope by purchasing any of these 3 featured items. There are other items available for sale as well in the shop so please feel free to browse. There might be something that will catch your eye and make a purchase. Proceeds goes to a wonderful and very worthwhile cause. Please help spread the word around. Thank you.

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