Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Donation #11 - Project School Starter Distribution - Final parcels to be included in Dress Distribution #102

I am 2 days away from the cut-off date for Dress Distribution #102. Since I have not heard or received messages asking for postal details or advising me of parcels sent I will now assume that there are no more parcels in transit and what I have received below are  the last donations for this distribution. By this weekend I would have my parcels ready for sending. 
For the 3-day ending today 13-July - these are the donated dresses -
1) From Lyn Granger - 3 dresses and 2 boys matching sets
 2) From Jayne Hogan - 6 boys' matching sets and school bags and supplies
 3) From Pat Burton - 4 dresses
4) and ten dresses from Frances Cornish -
and the following are the sponsored dresses. Proceeds from the sponsorship goes to my new Project : Food makes a Difference #1 which will happen in Sept 2016 -
1) Two dresses from Ana Carvalho
2) One dress from Dress A Girl Australia -
3) and 2 dresses from Frances Cornish -
In total, as of today I have collected and/or received 83 dresses which includes 7 sponsored dresses, 23 dresses for toddlers and 25 boys matching sets which includes one sponsored set. I have also received and/or collected 41 school totes, 81 exercise books, 188 ballpens, 8 pencil cases, 12 sharpeners, 8 rectangular erases and 16 mini erasers.

Thank you to all the donors and sponsors of the above items. Thank you for supporting this campaign of providing dresses to disadvantaged kids. It is much appreciated.

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