Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Dress Distribution #102 - Project School Starter Collection (Philippines) - 07/2016

This is my fourth distribution happening in the middle of the year 2016 and will be sent to the Philippines to be distributed on my behalf and Dress A Girl Australia by Days for Girls Philippines. These two quite heavy parcels -
has 23 dresses for toddler distribution, 95 dresses, 1 girls shirt/shorts matching set -
and 26 boys matching sets for disadvantaged girls starting or who may have already started going to school last month. 
It also includes school supplies (41 Totes/School Bags, 93 Exercise Books, 200 Ballpens, 8 Pencil Cases, 12 Sharpeners and 8 rectangular/16 mini erasers) -
made possible by the following donors and sponsors -
1) Lyn Granger
2) Jacqueline Oudman
3) Monika Osvald
4) Joan Kelly
5) Prue Wilkinson
6) Lois French
7) Anne McGinnes
8) Dalby Baptist Craft & Fellowship Group 
9) Elaine Klein
10) Betty Barrett/Betty Paull
11) Sharyn Paull
12) K Borg
13) Toni Kirkpatrick
14) Jayne Hogan
15) Pat Burton
16) Ana Carvalho
17) Frances Cornish
18) Make and Learn Sewing Bee c/o Natascha Wettmarshausen 
19) Monique Naranjilla
20) Starshine Sun
21) Lesley Kroese
22) Dress A Girl Australia

For larger and individual images of this collection, please click here

Thanks a whole lot to all the donors and sponsors of this distribution. Thank you all for your kindness, generosity and support. It is much appreciated. These parcels will be sent off this weekend and am dedicating it to the most kind and compassionate person I have ever known - my Dad who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow.

If you want to help sustain this campaign of providing dresses to disadvantaged children and make a difference to their lives, please sponsor a dress by just one click on the link below. It could be the only dress they get to wear and/or call their own. Thank you.

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