Friday, 22 December 2017

Dress Distribution #118 - For the children of Kenya to be handcarried by my niece

By the time you read this article these dresses are on their way to Kenya. Today my niece and family are leaving for Kenya and she will be taking with her the parcel below of 13 dresses to distribute to the lucky 13 disadvantaged kids in Nairobi -
and here are the 13 dresses in the parcel -
made possible by the following donors and sponsors -
1) Dress A Girl Australia
2) Elaine Klein
3) Colleen Mundt
4) Lyn Granger
To see individual images of the dresses included in the distribution, please click  on the image above or click here
Thank you to the donors of this distribution and my heartfelt thank you to my niece, Samantha for handcarrying the 2 parcels of 13 dresses.  Thank you for making a difference to the lives of at least 13 girls in Kenya, 13 lucky girls this Christmas. Much appreciated.

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