Sunday, 3 December 2017

Dress A Girl Aus Christmas Cards

I know you can do a lot with digital cards. You can put sounds to it and make it more attractive and fun to read and/or to watch. But being me who loves handmades I still prefer the old and traditional cards to make my Christmas greeting more personal and special. And this is why I have this set of special Christmas cards made for my charity work. Proceeds from these cards I saved up and use to pay for the cost of sustaining my charity work which is self-funded. I use the funds to pay for the cost of distributing dresses to different locations for the new year for I believe there are disadvantaged kids who deserve to own a new dress. Please help me make a difference to the lives of these disadvantaged kids by purchasing any of these christmas cards to send to family and special people in your lives.
1) a fabric dress adhered to the card that represents what my charity work is all about
2) a donation card for any charity organization on behalf of someone
3) a christmas message of happiness and hope to anyone in your list
4) a christmas tree shaped by the words of Dress A Girl Australia's goal to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged kids.
Each card comes with a matching white envelope for easy gift giving. There is a blank inside panel for your personal message. Click on each of the images above for more details. You can buy a single card or in packs of 10 or in any number you want. Prices of cards are inclusive of postage costs. Check them out.

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