Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another Award for Dress A Girl Australia - '7 x 7' Link Award

As mentioned in an earlier post, Dress A Girl Australia was nominated again by Pam of 'Threading my Way' with a '7 x 7' Link Award two weeks ago. As Pam said and wrote it well in her blog article when she was nominated for the award 'it is so lovely when someone notices and enjoys your work but more fabulous when they let you know'. And I totally agree with her. The feeling is great when someone appreciates what you are doing. For me, it inspires me to do more. 

So once again, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Pam for believing and supporting Dress A Girl Australia and appreciating what Dress A Girl Australia does best and that is 'imagining a world where every little girl owned at least one dress'.

But just like any awards, in addition to expressing your gratitude to the person who nominated you, this award comes with other small tasks to complete to keep it going. 

1. You need to share 7 things about yourself or in my case 7 things about Dress A Girl Australia.
2. Share 7 of Dress A Girl Australia's blog posts that fit the following 7 categories -
              1. Most Beautiful
              2. Most Helpful
              3. Most Popular
              4. Most Controversial
              5. Most Surprisingly Successful
              6. Most Underrated
              7. Most Pride Worthy
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers for the 7 x 7 award

I have so much to say about Dress A Girl Australia that I am not sure where to start. There are lots of blogs out there that are really outstanding (on the train on my way to work the other day I noticed that I am actually following about a 100 blogs in google reader :-)) I think I need some time to sort out my brain to accomplish these small tasks. Once I have made up my mind on what/who to write and nominate (although I already have an idea), I definitely will blog about it. I think am doing a good job catching up with tasks to do (note that I received this award on the 1st of March and it is only the 13th today and I am already blogging about it) it should not take me that long to get back to this award and give everyone an update. That is a promise.

In the meantime, thanks again, Pam. It is so awesome when one is being appreciated. 

I invite everyone to visit Pam's 'Threading my Way' or you can go to her site just by one click of the mouse on the link you will find on the right navigation pane. You are missing a lot if you dont at least drop by her site. In fact, I am trying to catch up with all my pending tasks so I can join-in in one or all of her linky parties.

Here is the link if you want to read or know more about this 7 x 7 award nomination. -


  1. You deserve lots of recognition for the wonderful work that you do!!!!!

  2. .. and thanks so much for the shout out!!!