Friday, 23 March 2012

Process Change in Request for Labels

************************* Important : Please Read.**********************************************

This has been a very difficult decision to make but after a very careful consideration, starting today, I will only be providing dress a girl labels to be attached to the dresses if the dresses are donated and/or sent to Dress A Girl Australia. This way I am able to minimize my spending on the cost of printing the labels, give label priority to dresses sent by donors directly to Dress A Girl Australia and save some money for other expenses. 

For those who send me dresses without requesting for labels, you have nothing to worry about. I automatically attach labels to your dresses when I receive them the same way I attach labels to pillowcases or fabrics that are made into kits. I make sure that every dress and/or kit I send out are identified as Hope4Women International's Dress A Girl Around the world campaign dresses.

Hoping for everyone's understanding on this change. Thank you.

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