Monday, 26 March 2012

Weekend Creations

Another weekend is over. I thought I would be able to make at least 5 pairs of shorts and 5 pillowcase dresses but I only ended up with just half of what I had planned. In between cleaning, shopping, walking for a personal cause (lose some kilos), eating, taking naps I was only able to finish 3 pairs of shorts and 2 pillowcase dresses and here they are -
The printed blue dress was made out of Michelle Karyn Reynders pillowcase donation and the printed pink dress was from one of the pillowcases donated by Jane Kelly, Marieka Ashmore and Liz Skinner of Coffs Harbour. I think I donated the fabrics for the pairs of shorts.

I may not have met my weekend target but at least I was 'sewing' productive. Cant complain and here is looking forward to another weekend.


  1. Love the top left dress!!! The nave bias is a great colour choice!!!