Sunday, 11 March 2012

For the children of Roma Qld from Dress A Girl Australia

A great way to start celebrating Dress A Girl Australia's first birthday.

A lady member of The Sewing Library facebook group wrote this message about four weeks ago in the group's page :

I have been working at the flood donation centre at Roma the last few days, and was thinking it would be really nice if we could get some handmade things together for the kids who have lost their homes and everything in them. We have had lots of second hand clothing donations, but, especially for the kids over one, there isn't really anything new or special. We are servicing both Roma and Mitchell, where between 500 and 600 houses were inundated. Roma has had major floods three times in three years, and for those who weren't insured before 2010, we cannot get insurance. The repeated battering has really destroyed some people to the point that they don't even want to return to their homes. Not that there's a choice. Rents here have skyrocketed, with families asked to pay $1000 a week for 2 bedrooms. And that's the ones that can find houses available. People are being looted as well, and while we are doing what we can to keep spirits up, the devastation means that there are not many people able to volunteer their time. So, what I was wondering, was whether some of you lovely sewers could spare a bit of your fabric stashes, and a bit of time, to make a little something for a child or two in our district. If you would like to help out, please comment or send me a PM. Thank you ♥

I thought this was a good opportunity for me to make something for Australian kids this time. Took more time than I expected to finish but they did get finish and finally was able to send the parcel to Roma this morning. 

Inside the parcel were 24 sets of Easter color-me-card kits and a 57mm button necklace. The card kits were meant to keep the children busy and happy. Included in the kit was one Easter greeting card, a chocolate bar wrapper, mini box of small crayons and a matching envelope. An angel inside a pocket was the image on the button and I used ribbons so the child can wear it if he or she wanted to. The message on the button read 'an angel in your pocket they say...will keep your troubles far away'....

Here are samples of the Easter color-me-card kits and the 57mm button necklace -

I hope the children will like these items and enjoy colouring the card and wearing the button necklace too. I hope it gives them hope and make them think that there are other people who are looking after their welfare.

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