Thursday, 15 March 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #25 - From Dress A Girl Australia

Today, Mar 15, Dress A Girl Australia turns 1 year old and to help celebrate the event since I can not think of anything else to give or to do,  I have decided to donate these bundles of fabrics from my collection to make into pairs of shorts for the boys, another campaign to help the less fortunate children around the world by Dress A Girl Australia.  

The bundles on the right were actually bought by me about 5 years ago from a South African lady who was trying to promote handmade products from South Africa. Together with other fabric panels which I have already made into wallhangings I bought these fabrics with the intention of making them into totes and decorative pillowcases to sell and some for my living room. Well, as you can see they are still bundles of fabrics after all these years and there are about 7 metres on these bundles. Just imagine how many pairs of shorts I can make in addition to the 3 metres of fabrics on the left picture. I dont mind giving away these bundles for a very worthy cause.

Dress A Girl Australia, you've got your hands full with these contributions.

If you feel like donating to the cause of Dress A Girl Australia, please send donations to Dress A Girl Australia, P.O. Box 240, Casula Mall Casula NSW 2170.

If you want more information or details about these back-to-back campaigns, please send an email to

Please help spread the word!

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