Monday, 26 March 2012

A message from CDO - Happiness which money cant buy

If anyone can remember about three weeks ago I featured a classmate of mine by the name of Lilia Tapia who made pillowcase dresses from kits I sent her sometime in December. Well, I received a message from her today letting me know that she has given away the dresses she has made to the children whom she thought deserved it the most and this is what she has to say after she made her distribution -

     "it was a different heart warming experience i have, seeing the children and even the mothers, tongue tied, big wide smiles, couldn't say anything but, thank you! 
     thank you again for trusting in me to help you share the talent and conquered skills for children's once in a lifetime happiness which money can't buy.
        GOD BLESS YOU!! more power and pls take care........... lilia"

Lil, I look forward to seeing the pictures when you are ready to upload. Thank you so much for helping in making a difference to the lives of these children. It is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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