Thursday, 15 March 2012

It's finally here...Shorts for the boys Campaign!

Countdown 3....2....1! It is finally here!  Dress A Girl Australia is officially launching the shorts campaign for the boys starting today. Long shorts or knee pants or regular shorts or britches for the boys, whatever it is called, it is time to provide shorts for the boys from the less fortunate locations around the world for just like the girls, boys also deserve to own at least a pair of shorts.

Here are some samples of shorts you may want to make and donate to Dress A Girl Australia.

We still need dresses for girls. Shorts for the boys is in addition to our Dress A Girl Around the World - Dress A Girl Sydney and Australia campaign. But now you have a choice of making dresses or making shorts or making both. For a very worthy cause, a pair is I believe is not that much to ask. A pair of shorts and a pillowcase dress I dont think too much to ask. I am aiming for at least 500 pairs for this year 2012. 
Please help me achieve this goal. Please help spread the word around.
If you want to join us on this campaign and need more information or details, please feel free to send an email to