Thursday 29 March 2012

Ujamaa Children of Tanzania wearing their precious gifts

In early December I made 2 pairs of shorts for Ally and Kelvin of the Ujamaa Childrens Home in Tanzania. I want to share with you this picture of Ally and Kelvin wearing their precious long shorts which I made, first ever pair of shorts I have sewn in my life. And can you imagine how I feel looking at these 2 boys wearing them with big smiles on their faces?
And here is a clearer view of the pairs of shorts made especially for them -

It was when I was sewing these pairs that I made up my mind to launch the 'shorts for the boys' campaign. And just looking at the picture above confirms that I made the right decision.

If you want to help Dress A Girl Australia bring more smiles to all  the other Allys and Kelvins in this world, please make donations of handmade shorts and/or fabrics to make into boys' shorts to Dress A Girl Australia.

If you want more information about Dress A Girl Australia and its campaigns to help the disadvantaged children in this world, please send an email to

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