Saturday, 19 December 2015

Batch 3 Donated dresses for the month of November

Acknowledging these donations have not been forgotten. I just needed more time to sort and organize. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I was not able to take pictures of each dress donated but here is an image when they were sorted and packed -
1) From the following donors -
a) Nielsen=6 dresses, 
b) Lynn Gibbs=20 dresses,
c) Bronwyn Long=6 dresses, 
d) Sharyn Cafee=2 dresses, 
e) Lynne Preston-Dale= 30 dresses and packs of undies,
f) Monika Osvald=2 dresses, 18 pairs of shorts, 1 long pants and 7 teddy bears.

2) A parcel of 2 dresses from Ann McGinnes -
With these donations, the last parcel (parcel #3) sent for Christmas distribution had a total of   141 dresses, 7 boys' t-shirts/shorts sets, 1 girl shirt/short set, 18 pairs of boys shorts, 1 long pants, 7 teddy bears and several packs of undies. Thank you to all the donors.

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