Sunday, 13 December 2015

Feeling more generous this Christmas? Sponsor a Dress!

Another to share. One of the dress recipient pictured here is Elizabeth Garcia , 9 years old born with cleft chin. She underwent surgery already but was unsuccessful. 
She and other 3 students are appealing for medical help. Aira May Raya a 7- year old with one eye blind, Emjay Marzan- 10-year old mute and Charles Bersamera a 4-year old cancer patient. Their farmer parents are seeking help. Any kind souls who are interested to share their blessings especially this Christmas may reach them thru this post or sending an email to

Or better still, you may want to sponsor a dress and the proceeds from the sponsored dresses will be a big help to the kids and family. To sponsor a dress, just click on the image above or click on the link below - There are special images of fabrics that you can select to sponsor a dress for this assistance. Sponsored dresses will be allocated for 2016 distributions. Thank you.

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