Saturday, 19 December 2015

Dress Distribution #98/1C - 12/2015 - Project Philippines Christmas 2015 Distribution

This was the last parcel for Christmas distribution. It had 141 dresses, 7 boys' t-shirts/shorts sets, 1 girl shirt/short set, 18 pairs of boys shorts, 1 long pants, 7 teddy bears and several packs of undies.
The contents were made possible by the following sponsors and donors -
1) Pat Burton
2) Sarah Tanmahapran
3) Kay Innes
4) Monika Osvald
5) Vicki Watson
6) Pam Thompson
7) Ann McGinnes
8) Glenys Powell
9) Toni Kirkpatrick, Cherrie & Dot
10) Sharyn Cafee
11) Yvonne Henderson
12) Lyn Granger
13) Jacqueline Oudman
14) Michelle Plen
15) Jody Clooney
16) Karen Neilsen
17) Lynn Gibbs
18) Bronwyn Long
19) Lynne Preston-Dale

To see larger and individual images of the sponsored dresses and donated ones, please click here.

This parcel closes the dress distributions of Dress A Girl Australia for the year 2015.

Thank you  to all the sponsors and donors who made this final Christmas parcel possible for the disadvantaged kids of the Philippines. Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated. Thank you.

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