Saturday, 23 January 2016

Dress Distribution #101 - Kijji Mission Kenya c-o Jennifer Hughes-Bystrom - 02/2016

This collection officially opens the first dress distribution for the year 2016, a distribution I regularly do for the little girls of the Kijji Mission of Kenya c-o Jennifer Hughes-Bystrom. I try to make sure that I sew all the dresses that I include on this parcel from either my fabric personal collection or donated fabrics. (Note: I do not accept fabric donations at this time.) 

Anyway, here is the parcel which contains 30 dresses, 30 girls' t-shirts, 30 undies & 27 leggings between the sizes of 4 to 6 for the children of the Kijji Mission in Kenya c-o Jennifer Hughes-Bystrom -
and the contents of the parcel -
made possible by my sewing , fabric donations and sponsored undies and dress accessories generously donated by the following donors and/or sponsors -
1) Monika Osvald for the t-shirts, leggings and undies
2) Dresses and leggings sewn from fabrics donated by Lucienne Magnay, the Millhouse Collections and Dress A Girl Australia
3) Heather Harris for a t-shirt
4) Lee Auyoung from South Korea for the sponsored undies
5) Dress A Girl Australia

For larger and individual images of the above collection, please click here. This parcel will be picked up by Australia Post on Monday for delivery to Jennifer who is going to handcarry these items that will make little girls happy. Click here for postage details.

My heartfelt thanks to the donors and sponsors for making this distribution possible and special thanks to Jennifer Hughes-Bystrom for giving me the chance to make a difference to the lives of the little girls in the Kijji Mission Kenya and see happy faces when they get to receive their new dresses. It is much appreciated. Thank you.

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