Tuesday, 19 January 2016

First donation acknowledgement for the year 2016

It is time to acknowledge donations made for the first two collection projects for 2016. The collection for the Kijji Mission Kenya is very limited and mostly sewn by me from donated fabrics received the past few years. I make it a point that for this particular distribution which I schedule every year, at the beginning of the new year in fact comes from fabric donations to ensure that even those who donate fabrics are given the chance to make a difference (although I am not accepting fabric donations at this time). I needed t-shirts for the girls and this was generously provided by Monika Osvald who does a lot of t-shirt sewing. 
1) 32 t-shirts and one pair of leggings from Monika Osvald -
2) Five dresses from Julie Nielsen in time for the collection of the first official distribution project for the year 2016 for Easter distribution.
Thank you for your donations. Much appreciated.

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