Saturday, 20 February 2016

24 dresses added to my School Starter Dress Sponsorship Program

Today I added 24 more dresses to my Dress Sponsorship Program. Well, let's face it. Without the sponsorship I will not be  able to sustain this charity work nor will I be able to accept dress donations. It is the sponsorship program that is paying for the cost of  sending and distributing dresses. 

The 24 dresses I added is for Project School Supplies and Accessories for the 2016 Education without Borders program. Proceeds from sponsorships I use to purchase school supplies to include in the Dress Starter Kit and most importantly fund my petty postage cash fund.
Anyone who wants to sponsor dresses can check out these kits by clicking on the image above or click here. Other selections of the school starter kits can also be found here and here. Thank you.

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