Friday, 22 September 2017

Dress Distribution #110 - Early Christmas Goodies for Pakistan

I have always wanted to send these items to a location but I could not remember which box it was that contained them until two days ago I found it by accident. This time sending the parcel is on the top of my list. 
Three of these items (hairclips (19x), singlets (12x) and handmade bags (4x)) were donated to sell to raise money for postage. I have not been attending markets for almost 2-1/2 years now so I never had the chance to sell them (and they did not sell from my website) so I have decided to send it to Pakistan for the kids to wear and enjoy. The other two items of beanies (4x) and scarves (4x)  will be of good use during Pakistan's winter season. They are all new. You see, sometimes I have this habit of buying something when on sale (real sale!) hoping that I will be able to give it to someone. And since the box still had some space available, I added in the 4 dresses sent by the Year 9 students of the Rockhampton Grammar School. These items will be sent to Lubna Ghani for her to give to those who are in need of them. I always feel good when I sort and pack items to send. Hopefully I will have more to pack with the season of Christmas almost just around the corner.

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