Saturday, 9 September 2017

Dress Distribution #111 - For Sri Lanka

These are the 4 parcels that will be handed over to Anne Salvador of Network Heaven to be included in their 2017 Christmas gifts for the children of Sri Lanka. These parcels will be hand delivered by my niece on Monday, 11-Sep-2017
Inside these parcels are (1) 78 dresses - a few of these dresses (about 20 of them) were from the 2016 Christmas collection which did not make it in the distribution because the parcels arrived late or the sizes were too big or too small to be included in the distribution.
(2) 21 t-shirts and 15 girls'undies - most of the dresses if not all have already been allocated undies from my collection -
(3) 5 T-shirts & pairs of shorts for the boys -
(4) 190 pencils, 91 totes and 19 exercise books -
made possible by the following donors -
1) Dress sponsors for all 31 dresses which also raised the amount of $313.08 and has been donated directly to Christina Noble Children's Foundation for their Clean Water Tanks project for Vietnam.
2) Lyn Granger
3) Jayne Hogan
4) Colleen Mundt, Tanya McCullough and Kay Goodall
5) Michelle Wiltshire
6) Jody Clooney
7) Denise Scott
8) Shandra Scott
9) Monika Osvald'
10) Sally Sanchez
11) Fe Fumar
12) Joan Lui
13) Soft Treasures
14) Sun siblings
15) Dress A Girl Australia for most of the undies and the t-shirts provided on the dresses without sleeves

Thank you to all the donors/contributors especially to the dress sponsors. Your contribution to this distribution is much appreciated.

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