Monday, 18 September 2017

Guidelines for making dresses for the 2017 Christmas collection

Soon I will be opening a new dress collection for 2017 Christmas distribution. For those who are contemplating on making dresses to donate, please be reminded on Dress A Girl Australia's guidelines on how to make dresses especially on the materials to use. It is my wish that the dresses to be given away can be outgrown by the kids who will receive them, that they can be worn for a longer period of time or even possibly handed down to a younger sister and/or brother  so fabric materials to be used in making the dresses must be of a material that can withstand rugged environments like 100% cotton. Ribbons should be avoided when making the pillowcase style of dresses as they do not last.
For this Christmas collection, sizes between 7 to 10 will be preferred. Same size preference for pairs of shorts if you want to donate for the boys.

For any questions or more information regarding dresses to donate, please send an email to

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