Saturday, 17 December 2011

5 dresses in exchange for vacuuming

Some people think that I am a very organize person but really am not. I probably am when it comes to work or to other tasks I commit myself to but not when it comes to personal things. Am a very good procrastinator when it comes to doing chores at home. Sometimes I know I have to clean the house and start taking out the vacuum cleaner etc early in the morning only to end up for these cleaning tools in the same position same place I had them in at the end of the day. But sometimes I do end up with a new handmade card or a new image printed on a fabric sheet or finally magazines fully closed on top of the dining table which has been left opened on a particular page for almost a week.

I found another excuse for not cleaning so much so that images like the ones below are common to see in the house these days. You find  a pair of scissors, a needle and spool of thread on top of a bench, piles and piles of fabric materials, folded pillowcases, laces and accessories in one corner of an unused bed or pillowcases on top of a coffee table. (Mind you these are materials needed to make pillowcase dresses or waiting to be made.)
But it is because of these areas that are messy that I can find the time to make pillowcase dresses and this week I made 5 of them.
5 dresses, 5 big smiles for 5 girls around the world. And am happy with what I have accomplished for the day.


  1. I'd rather sew any day!!! The dresses look great!

  2. i agree with pam... i would rather sew then clean!
    something is always in need of cleaning, you can never get on top of it.. but you can often have a finished sewn item to look at and see your accomplishments!