Monday, 12 December 2011

Offer to help Dress A Girl Australia

I do have a list of things to write about but I inadvertently missed this one. This lady actually wrote to me a couple of weeks ago letting me know about her intention to help in Dress A Girl Around the world Dress A Girl Australia’s campaign to make dresses for girls around the world. Lynda Smyth has been sending dresses to orphanages in Zambia thru her contacts with the  Catholic Mission and this time she wants to help Dress A Girl Australia. She is thinking of helping or assisting along the lines of contacting and coordinating schools and see if the students could get involved with this campaign of which I thought is such a great idea.

One of my plans in 2012 (which is about 20 days away mind you) is to get in touch with schools and organize some sort of involvement from their students. Or schools that offer sewing as a subject or as an elective to propose to include making pillowcase dresses as a project and Lynda’s offer to help is such a good timing. Any kind of help to make Dress A Girl Australia’s campaign a success is very welcomed. Any effort, time you can spare and resources you can contribute to this campaign is very much appreciated.
Photograph of a dress using the smocking/shirring
technique by Lynda Smith

Lynda has also offered to help anyone who wants to learn how to do the smocking/shirring technique which she learned from watching tutorials in youtube.

If you are one of those crafters who wants to learn something new, this would be a very good opportunity for you to learn from someone who has actually done it.

Sew for those readers out there who wants to learn smocking/shirring, please feel free to get in touch with Lynda by filling up the form with your details below and will make sure that she gets it . Or click on the form located on the left navigation bar. Dont waste time.

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