Thursday, 29 December 2011

Donation Acknowledgements for the Week #2 - Family Affair

From my sister Joan. Fabrics are all cut-up and ready to be sewn into 9 dresses including for the pocket, armholes and straps. All it needs is a sewing machine and the time to make them into dresses to bring smiles to 9 lucky girls around the world. Thank you Joan!

Last but not the least, I happen to pass by a small fabric shop last week and saw these 2 bundles of fabrics and 2 new pillowcases. I know I do not have to buy anything but since it is Christmas the $10 dollar purchase was justified. My Christmas present to Dress A Girl Australia, these bundles will make between 8-10 pillowcase dresses not right now but when the time is right. Thanks heaps, Gigi!

For those readers out there who wants to donate fabrics they no longer need, please send email to Dress A Girl Australia will put those bundles into very good use for you.


  1. I made three dresses today and three yesterday..I try to Sew everyday..MAKES ME HAPPY..

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes it does have a very positive effect on us who sew. I find it addicting. Happy New Year!