Monday, 12 December 2011

Help spread the word of making pillowcase dresses

One of my favourite songs is ‘Imagine’ written and sang by the famous John Lennon. In this song, he imagined the world as one and where all the people were living life in peace. Dress a Girl Australia daydreams. Dress A Girl Australia is a daydream believer. We all daydream about a world where every little girl most specially the less fortunate little girls around the world owned at least one dress for each one of them deserves to own one and that dress are made by each one of us.

This daydream is starting to become a reality. Dress A Girl Australia is starting to have a little following. If it were a rock band, a little groupie is starting to get formed. Hahah! (Imagine me with a very big grin on my face writing this.)
It is starting to gain, slowly but surely, a lot of support in its campaign to make dresses for little girls around the world. Several of us are starting to imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress and are happy and proud and very much willing to making that dress. Woohoo!!

But we need more help as we need more dresses. If you are a daydream believer like Dress A Girl Australia, come and join us on this very worthwhile campaign. Together you and I can make a difference in this world ….one dress at a time. And in the very near future for all the little boys…one pair of shorts at a time.
Please help spread the word around. Help us put big smiles on those little girls’ faces by making pillowcase dresses. See them wear these dresses and standing proudly knowing that they own the dress they wear. Send us those unwanted fabrics so we can make more dresses and to make them more pretty, if you have any buttons, elastics, threads and ribbons just lying around or gathering dust inside a box perhaps in your garage, please send them to Dress A Girl Australia. One button you send can make a big difference to a little girl’s life. For more details on this campaign, please send an email to

Please help spread the word around !! You will not regret it.

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