Saturday, 24 December 2011

Last-minute Handmade Presents

It is an expensive hobby but sometimes it pays to be a fabric hoarder. This morning while trying to pack my christmas presents for our family christmas dinner tonight, I noticed I was missing two presents but could not figure out for which member of the family. I sat down and listed the names and ticked each name when I found a present and that was how I discovered that I was missing one for my 8-yr old niece and another for my 6-yr old nephew. No way was I going to drive to the mall and join hundreds of last minute shoppers.

Thanks to my being a fabric hoarder, I decided to make a couple of items to give and this is what I came up with - a pillowcase dress for my niece and a pair of shorts for my nephew.

I hope they will like my last-minute handmade presents. Their names would definitely be called out to receive a present from their aunt. 


  1. They both look fabulous!!! Just as well you checked and found out today, not tomorrow.

  2. I've featured your dress today...