Thursday, 22 December 2011

Two Pairs of Shorts for Ujamaa Children Ally and Kevin

I always thought I have already written about the Ujamaa Children of Tanzania but I could not find it anywhere in the posting log and the items have already been sent over to the Crafty Ladies Movement facebook group who organized the drive weeks ago. These two boys Ally and Kevin from the Ujamaa Childrens Home of Tanzania will be the lucky recipients of  2 pairs of shorts made by me.
Ally is 5 years old and has a twin sister Halima and Kevin is 9.
They both live in the Ujamaa Childrens Home in Tanzania which was founded by Carley Andrews. To make the pair of shorts more interesting as Christmas presents, I had each pair wrapped in a fabric pouch with the pictures of both Ally and Kelvin printed on it. I also included a handmade Christmas fabric picture card and greeted each boy a merry christmas to make this gift-giving more memorable. 

If you want to know more about Ally, click here. To know more about Kevin, click here.   To know more about the Ujamaa Childrens Home, click here.

I hope these two boys would love the pair of shorts I made for them. If and when pictures would be available I will be posting them immediately on this site. Making these shorts was a good way to prepare myself to make more pairs for Dress A Girl Australia's 'shorts for the boys' campaign. Although I am starting to get enquiries on whether they can make shorts as well as dresses, the official launch of this 'shorts for the boys' campaign will be in March 2012. 

If you are keen in joining me on this campaign, please feel free to email

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