Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dress Distribution Part 2 - October 2011

Finally I received pictures of dresses distributed in the Philippines as part of the planned distribution of dresses last September. The distribution was made on behalf of Dress A Girl Australia by Mr Fred and Vergie Florendo. The distribution was held in two locations. In the frontyard of their house and in a reclaimed area in Marikina, Metro Manila where victims of Typhon Ondoy last year were relocated. Some of the relocated families I have been told have not really fully recovered yet from what they have experienced from the typhoon.

I feel very proud and want to extend my sincerest thanks to Fred and Vergie for finding the time to take these photos and distributing at the same time. I know it is not easy to be doing two things at the same time but they both tried their best to come up with great pictures of little girls wearing their new dresses and with their mamas standing proudly next to them.

Dresses were donated by Deidre Parker, Crafty Mamas coordinated by Gaylene Hermann, Heyboom Shop, Kikay Designs, Gallerie Marie, family and friends. These were the very first donors who made Dress A Girl Australia and its attempt to help the less fortunate girls around the world possible. Thank you from Dress A Girl Australia. It is very much appreciated. Your support and providing the dresses and the assistance made by Fred and Vergie in making sure the dresses gets to the girls is very inspiring and makes me more motivated to do more for Dress A Girl Australia.

Thank you so much!

Some of the donated dresses have already been posted earlier in the Distribution in CDO Part 1 and are available permanently on the right navigation bar. These pictures and a few more will be posted permanently on the right navigation bar tomorrow. If you like what you see and would like to join Dress A Girl Australia's campaign to dress girls around the world, please send an email to

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