Friday, 30 December 2011

Dress Distribution - Dress A Girl Australia's First Dress Recipients of the Year 2012

The past three days I have been sorting the dresses by sizes and attaching Hope 4 Women Intl Dress A Girl labels and today am happy and proud to say that the first parcel for the year 2012 Distribution # 3 has been mailed to a good friend of mine who works at SEARCA College, Los Banos Laguna. This is actually a Christmas present for Edna Lisa. Instead of buying something from a shop I told her I will be giving her 12 pillowcase dresses. These dresses she then will be giving to the Children's Joy Foundation in Laguna, Philippines. She has been asking for the dresses for over a month now (I last saw her in Sept) and finally it was sent today. 

This orphanage I believe houses 12 orphans between the age of 4 and 5. It is unfortunate that inspite of the number of dresses I handcarried with me to distribute  almost 3 months ago I could not share it with these children so now they are priority and number 1 on my list.

These dresses will be a delayed Christmas present for each of the 12 orphans and am keeping my fingers crossed that the parcel will arrive in its intended destination. More details about this orphanage will be posted on this site once available.

For the 12 dresses that were included in the parcel to be given to the girls in the orphanage, click here. Dresses were from i-craft i-sew and from the Bridgetown High School students.

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