Monday, 1 April 2013

Disappointing March results (one dress a day campaign)

Yes, a bit disappointing result for my one-dress-a-day journey this year. Out of 31 days I was only able to make 13 dresses out of a forecasted 31 for the 31 days of March and spent only 9 days out of the 31 days sewing. If anyone is wondering how I managed to end up with 13  for 9 days that is because on day 77 I did 2 dresses and day 82 I made 4 dresses. I tried to make up for the missing days but unfortunately a lot of things happened that stopped me from achieving my goal this month including a broken sewing machine. All the pink dresses you see on the image below means no dresses were made.
My sewing machine is still broken. I have my sister's sewing machine but a bit late to catch up. I hope to make up for the missing days in April and the months to come as I still want to reach my goal of 400 dresses this year. So far, for the first 3 months of the year 2013, first quarter of 2013 I have made 77 dresses out of a possible 90 dresses.

Thank you to the following donors for helping make the 13 dresses possible:
1) Flor dela Cruz
2) Heyboom shop
3) Monika Osvald
4) Linda Smyth
5) Sash Hinton
6) Jenny F
7) Louise Wright

Thank you ladies. Much appreciated.

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