Monday, 1 April 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/03 #37 - From the Ladies of Kapunda S.A.

It is April 1st today but am still on the list for the month of March. :-) And the Ladies of Kapunda, S.A. are back again with donation #37. A box full of undies and 10 sleeping pants.

A few weeks back Deborah Parish sent me an email letting me know that they received a donation of thicker fabrics similar to the fleece materials that are usually being used to make jogging pants and she asked if it were acceptable to make into something because if I did'nt see any use to it or too thick to send anywhere they will donate the materials to another charity. I said they were ok but when I replied (and so typical of me most of the time) I was not really thinking of what can be done out of it. Then Loris Pullen asked if I was thinking of something that can be made out of it. Ring!!! Thanks to my friendly 'memory' at that particular time, (my brain started to rollback to all the information I have gathered, collected, read, enquired, provided and stored all this time about orphanages and communities around the world), I thought of the special boys of the BFO Orphanage in Papua New Guinea, homeless kids who sleep on the street, how they sleep in the garage of Aunty Rosa's house, on hammocks and sometimes on the ground since there wasnt that much space for them to be accommodated. I was thinking maybe if they had some thicker clothing on them when they sleep they would not feel that much pain sleeping on the hammock or on the ground. So I replied to Loris that I was thinking of making them into something similar to the jogging pants that they can used for sleeping and that is how these 10 sleeping pants were born - specially handmade for the boys by Loris Pullen and her cousin Jo Haugh. Thank you so much! And these sleeping pants were included in the parcel I packed last week and about to leave for Mt Hagen Papua New Guinea.
Also included on this parcel from the Ladies of Kapunda, S.A. were loads of boys' and girls' undies -
My heartfelt thanks to Loris Pullen and Jan Tompkins for making the sleeping pants, Caroline Wilksch(16), Jan Tompkins(2), Loris Pullen(12) and Sharyn Diamantopolous(6) for the undies and again to Jan Tompkins for the bundles of fabrics she has donated for the ladies to sew and to Deborah for organizing all of these. Thank you so very much for your boundless support of dressing girls and boys around the world. Thank you for the time, money and effort you all spend supporting this campaign. You all are making an amazing difference to the lives of the less fortunate especially to the children of the world. Am speechless! Thank you.

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