Sunday, 7 April 2013

New Donation Received from Wee Pots

This very cute little pot which you can use to keep your jewellery together instead of scattering them on top of a desk or bedside table, you can use to serve sauce or other spices on the dinner table was donated by Wee Pots. 

Owned by Joe Wolf, she hand builds pottery that are either small, tiny, little or mini in a 2x2  sqm laundry room! At Dreamers Market these mini pots  were selling like hotcakes! At the end of the market, she handed this item over to me to sell in my Dress A Girl website. She said it is not that much but will help in my fundraising.

This pot is made of earthenware clay with Japanese tissue transfer and double-fired. Diameter is about 7cms and a height of about 2.5cms. If you are looking for a little treasure that is handmade with love in a 2x2 sqm laundry room, then this item is for you. 
This will be sold at only $5.00 in my Dress A Girl Australia e-shop (normally retails for $8 I think or when on sale). Postage is $6.60. It comes in a box for easy gift-giving. The sale of this item will help pay for the postage of at least 3 dresses anywhere in the world. And if you asked me how much I treasure this little item, it is currently in my cabinet sitting next to a 30-year old vintage teapot set I have. It will remain where it is until it gets sold or might end up there permanently (LOL!)

Check out below other products handmade by Wee Pots in her 2x2 sqm laundry room - Am not sure if she has an on-line shop for her wee pots. You can send me an email if you are interested in any of her weepot handbuild items and will gladly forward it to her.
Thank you Wee Pots!!

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