Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dress A Girl campaign in Canungra South East Queensland

Canungra South East Queensland 
In the small village of Canungra located in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland between Mt Tamborine & Lamington National Park is a lady by the name of Julie Binskin who has been busy sewing dresses for Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia. Together with her 4 other friends they have made about thirty dresses to date (and I never had a clue!).

She is busy with her plans on how to spread the word around her community. She will be holding a 'Dress A Girl' party at their local library. The library I think is giving her and the other supporters of the campaign the use of the facility free of charge after learning about Dress A Girl Around the World and several friendly chats with one of the librarians. (Whenever I read the word librarian it always reminds me of my high school days when together with classmates we always got reprimanded for giggling inside the library. LOL!) Even a cafe has offered to donate a morning tea for the sewing ladies. And she also plans to speak to the headmistress of their local primary school to see if she can encourage some of the children to become involved in such a very worthwhile project as Dress A Girl Around the World. Big, big plans of Julie who is so used to making a difference. Together with her friends (Canungra Valley Circle of Friends) they make quilts for disadvantaged children and ill members of their  community for several years now.

To Julie, welcome to Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia and good Luck!

Anyone living near the area who wants to be involved in this campaign of dressing girls around the world for every girl deserves to own at least one dress, who wants to make a difference can join Julie's circle of friends.

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